Aqua Vapor Electronic Cigarette: A Thrilling Alternative for Smokers

Are you looking for an electronic vapor cigarette that would surely satisfy you? AquaVapor eCig is what you have been looking for! This cigarette is one excellent brand of cigarette that will give you the expectation you expect and buy for.

Aqua Vapor features its magnificent electronic liquid flavors which include those liquor-based flavors barely seen in the industry of electronic cigarettes. The 35 various flavors would surely appeal to the spice and taste you’ve been looking for in an electronic cigarette.


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Here are some of the eLiquid flavors that would certainly make you enjoy and contented:

  • Cappuccino- A flavor for those who love coffee and of course tobacco. A perfect thing to taste after waking up it is.
  • Rum- An irresistibly strong and sweet flavor you should taste.
  • Caramel- This butter flavored cig is both best for day and night.
  • Apple- To those who want a playful fruity flavor, better taste this one.
  • Menthol- A mint flavor yet a smooth one.
  • Chocolate- In every puff, you’ll taste that classic cocoa you’ve never tasted before.

Aqua Vapor eCig gives you a choice of whether to select; a two- or three-piece model. There are benefits of selecting the three-piece eCig like the quality of its heating element or the atomizer, and its long-term cost. The two-piece model is a user-friendly one though.

The Aqua Vapor’s contents are placed in a unique, creative and attractive black box with the tribal-esque logo of the brand. The design garnered applauses is the eCig market industry. Its starter kit has the following:

  • One portable charging case
  • Two 10-milliliter bottles of electronic liquid
  • Two eCig batteries
  • One eCig USB charher with wall charger
  • Two eCig atomizers
  • One electronic cigarette with a carrying case wrapped with leather
  • 10 eCig cartomizers/cartridges
  • One eCig car charger

If you’re searching for the right eCig that would give you a contenting vaporizing experience, the right thing to do is buy Aqua Vapor. The website of the company has its list of eCig models with model numbers and reviews of each model so you can compare and decide easily.

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Offering their variation of excellent flavors, Aqua Vapor eCig will bring you to the world of pleasure and contentment. These eCigs produce the accurate amount of vapor and are guided by efficient and absolutely cooperative customer service representatives. Try one now and experience the satisfaction that they give.